Plovdiv Medical University

About the Medical University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Country: Plovdiv, Bulgaria Tuition Fees: €8000 Living Costs: €400
Courses: Medicine Entrance exam: Yes Graduate Entry: No

  • Study Medicine in English for 6 years

  • Study Dentistry in English for 6 years

  • Tuition fees: €8000/year*

study medicine in Plovdiv Medical University

Plovdiv Medical University is one of the most sought-after medical universities in Bulgaria and Europe. Students from all over the world come here to study medicine or dentistry. First, it was a medical faculty of the Plovdiv University in 1945. Five years later, it became an independent university. The university offers 400 seats on its medicine and dentistry courses in English combined. Both dentistry and medicine courses in English are 6 years long.

Every year over 3800 foreign and native students are trained here. The university includes the faculties of Pharmacy, Dentistry, Medicine, Public Health, a medical college and a 2000 bed hospital. The Central University Library offers its students more than 170 000 volumes in various languages, an internet hall and access to systems like Medline and Micromedex. Facilities include laboratories, clinics and units for diagnostics and treatment, research activities and training of medical and dental students.

Plovdiv Medical University is located in the heart of Plovdiv, Bulgaria’s second-largest town, and one of the top universities to study medicine in Bulgaria. The address is 15A, Vassil Aprilov Blvd., postcode: 4002.

Medical University of Plovdiv Tuition Fees

The university offers courses in English in medicine, dental medicine, pharmacy, and healthcare management. Tuition fees are €8000 per year, except healthcare management which €4000/yr. Other expenses include ~€20 for submitting documents and ~€180 for entry tests in Biology and Chemistry.

The annual tuition fee does not include accommodation, health insurance, textbooks and educational handbooks. They are at the student’s own expense.

Accommodation at the Medical University of Plovdiv.

There are 3 dormitory blocks with 1465 beds in total for students who are not local to Plovdiv. Each room has 2 single beds, a bathroom, and high-speed internet. There are 24-hour video surveillance and keycard access to each room.

For your comfort, there are 2 reading rooms with 120 seats where you can prepare for exams, 2 libraries, 2 canteens with 350 seats, 2 sports facilities, a cafeteria, a park for recreation, car parking, and more.

Renting an apartment in Plovdiv is also an option because the overall living costs in the city are affordable. Monthly rent can average anywhere between €160 and €320.

Medical University of Plovdiv Admission & Entry Requirements

Applicants must show that they have studied Biology and Chemistry during High School (A-level, leaving certificate, baccalaureate) and gained good grades. They must sit a multiple-choice exam in Biology and Chemistry and pass it to be considered. Applicants are then ranked based on the entrance exam and the strength of their application.

The following procedure calculates your ranking based on:

  • Secondary Education Diploma Grades in Biology and Chemistry reduced to the six-scale grading system (from 2 to 6, used in Bulgarian education in general);
  • Grades from the entrance examinations in Biology and Chemistry multiplied by two;
  • Maximum score: 36;
  • Minimum score: 24;

Applicants who have failing marks in any of the tests mentioned above will not participate in the ranking of admitted students.

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The deadline for applying is early September. Students must send their documents so we can process them in a timely manner and ensure they have a solid application file compared to the other applicants.

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Medical University of Plovdiv Term Dates

The course begins on the 1st of October. Christmas break is from the 23rd of December to the 6th of January, but the first-year students get a more extended break usually. The second semester begins on the 1st of February and ends toward the end of May. Then students have their end of year exams in June and July.

Plovdiv Medical University Curriculum & Syllabus

We researched this for you, so you can have easy access to this information (links open in a new window):

Plovdiv Medical University Accreditation

MU-Plovdiv offers courses and programs leading to officially recognised higher education degrees such as bachelor degrees, master degrees, doctorate degrees in several areas of study. The admission rate range is around 15%, making this organisation one of the most desired places to study medicine.

MU-Plovdiv holds accreditation by Bulgaria’s Ministry of Education and Science and the National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency in Bulgaria.

The GMC recognises the Medical University of Plovdiv. To be accepted, the GMC’s requirements are: you will need to have graduated successfully in a course which consisted of at least 5,500 hours and lasted at least three years.

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