Pleven Medical University

Pleven Medical University, Bulgaria

Country: Pleven, BulgariaTuition Fees: €7500Living Costs: €450
Courses: MedicineEntrance exam: YesGraduate Entry: No

  • 6-Year Course of Medicine

  • February intake

  • Tuition €7500 per year*

The Medical University of Pleven was founded in 1974 and consists of 2044 students currently, with the faculty containing 60 to 300 professors and assistant professors. The institution’s library was founded in 1974 and boasts an impressive collection of medical texts in English and Bulgarian. Pleven is highly regarded as one of the best medical institutions among the six medical universities in Bulgaria for medicine.

Pleven is the seventh most populous city in Bulgaria with 106,000 inhabitants. Bulgaria is regarded as a strong industrial economy and Pleven is one of the major economic centres of the Bulgarian Northwest and the Central North. The events that transpired at Pleven in the latter 18th Century were decisive in the liberation of Bulgaria from the Ottoman Empire. The majority of the monuments you will encounter reflect the key role that Pleven had during this tumultuous time with both Russians and Romanians who lost their lives at the Siege of Plevna.

The modern and fast-paced economic development of the city is tantamount to its strategic location. It is situated in the heart of the Danube plain and just two hours from the capital Sofia. Boasting cultural, leisure and sporting facilities, Pleven is one city you will never be tired of. Whether you’re looking for music, drama, opera, dance or the dozens of galleries and cinemas located around, you can’t ask for more!

The living costs are extremely cheap with rent ranging from €190 to €250 per month and utilities averaging roughly €78 per month. So you can expect to pay roughly €400-450 per month for everything inclusive.

  • The first two years being pre-clinical in nature with a heavy emphasis on the fundamental subjects; Anatomy, Physiology, Histology, Microbiology, Pharmacology, Biochemistry and Biophysics for example.

  • The next three years are clinical with a focus on surgery and preventative medicine with more of an emphasis on practical work and visiting patients in hospitals and clinics.

  • Finally, the last year is the state clinical practice or internship.

An admissions exam is given in Biology and Chemistry prior to entry into the university.

Deadline for Application and Submission of Documents is late September. Students are advised to apply much earlier to secure their seat.

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