Kiev Medical University

About Kiev Medical University in Ukraine

Country: Kiev, Ukraine Tuition Fees: €2,700 - 3350 Living Costs: €500 - €700
Courses: Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy Entrance exam: Yes Graduate Entry:  No

Kiev Medical University was established in 1992. It is the first private medical university in the post-Soviet countries since the Soviet Union collapsed. It is to this day one of the best medical universities in Ukraine, with the highest accreditation level by the Ukraine’s Ministry of Education and Science. Education standards here are exemplary and are always up-to-date with international medical university standards.

There’s no graduate entry programme here but students transfers are accepted.

The university is located at 2, Boryspilska Street, Kyiv-02099, Ukraine.

kiev medical university

Kiev Medical University Medicine Tuition Fees

Here you can study medicine, pharmacy and dentistry in English. The medicine programme takes 6 years to complete, while the other two courses take 5 years. Tuition fees per year in Kiev Medical University are:

    • Medicine – around €3,050/y
    • Dentistry – around €3,350/y
    • Pharmacy – around €2,700/y

Student Accommodation

Students from all over the world can benefit from Kyiv Medical University’s three dormitories, located not far from from the main campus. There are 2, 3, 4, and 5-people rooms available for international students. Each room is equipped with everything necessary for you to have an enjoyable stay throughout your study here. More main features include laundry, cafeteria, a reading room with Wi-Fi, auditorium, kitchens and washrooms on each floor.

Near the dormitories, you will find that the area is very well developed in terms of infrastructure. You can find malls, hospitals, pharmacies, gyms, parks, banks, and more.

If you prefer renting an apartment in Kiev, instead of living in the student hostel, it will cost you between €300 – €500 per month. Pair that with other living expenses and you would need a monthly budget of €500 – €700 per month.

Admission & Entry Requirements for Kiev Medical University

There are 2 admission sessions in 2020. The first one is from 15th January until 1st March. The second admission period starts from 1st June and until 1st November.

In order to get admitted into this university, applicants must successfully pass two tests – one in Chemistry and one in English. At Medlink Students, we specialise in maximising your chance to get admitted in medical school. We can also ease your entire application process, support you throughout your entire education, and help you practise as a doctor in the UK.

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Kiev Medical University Medicine Curriculum & Syllabus

University Accreditation

After you graduate from Kyiv Medical University you will be able to work as a medical practitioner worldwide. The degree is recognised by the General Medical Council / General Dental Councils in the UK.