Humanitas University Milan

Humanitas University in Milan, Italy

Country: Milan, Italy Tuition Fees: €10000 - €20000 Living Costs: €800
Courses: Medicine Entrance exam: No Graduate Entry: No
study medicine in Humanitas University

Study Medicine In Humanitas University

Humanitas is a newly established private medical school in Italy. It is founded by a globally minded team, which aims to train likewise healthcare professionals. By providing students with strong clinical preparation and experience as well as offering them research opportunities through the Virgilio program, it aspires to educate true modern-era doctors.

Not only that the university prides as one of the most modern and technologically advanced medical school in Europe, but it also offers a number of merit-based scholarships. They can be a total coverage of the annual tuition fee or a tuition waiver (discount) for which students can apply each year.

The medical university currently hosts around 1200 students and annually 150 students who’ve decided to study medicine in Europe begin their journeys to become well-renowned medical doctors.

Study Course:

  • Medicine – 6 years in English.

Tuition Fees:*

  • For EU applicants – calculated based on family income;

  • For non-EU applicants – €10,000 – €20,000/year (there are a number of scholarships; read below).

Living Costs:

  • Between €600-800, based on your needs (without rent).

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Clinical Practice:

Humanitas Medical University is located within the Humanitas Research Hospital Campus. Due to its close relation to the hospital students are especially well-trained in practical skills as well as theoretical. Students are able to see clinical practices and manipulations firsthand and therefore excel in skills which would help them graduate as well-prepared and educated doctors ready to begin working as certified professionals.

The Virgilio program:

This is a complementary course offered to talented students to encourage and support them in developing skills as young researchers. This would provide them with active participation in the progress of modern medicine and present them with the opportunity and knowledge to grow in an academical aspect.

The program strives to teach students:

  • Knowledge of the research methodology;

  • Critical appraisal of research;

  • Link research to clinical evidence and extract practical information.

study medicine in humanitas university

Scholarships and Loans:

As we previously mentioned, the university provides with a lot of scholarship opportunities.

For the 2019 entry there are 4 scholarships available for non-EU students:

  • 3 scholarships worth €20,000  per year for the first 3 positions in the ranking of the admission test;

  • 1 scholarship worth €10,000  per year for the fourth position in the ranking of the admission test.

The scholarship might be a total coverage of the annual fee or a tuition waiver (discount on the tuition fees) worth €10,000 yearly.

Under a couple of conditions, your scholarship will be automatically renewed annually until graduation!

It sure is rewarding to study at Humanitas Medical University!

Annual €7,000 loans are currently available only to EU citizens.

Entry Requirements and Admission:

Candidates are considered based on their high school diploma mainly by their biology and chemistry grades.

Applicants are required to sit the IMAT test that focuses on Biology, Chemistry, Logical Reasoning and also has a few questions from Physics and Maths.

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There are multiple test centres all over the world. What’s more the university hosts a paid preparation course to help the applicants.

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