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FREE Webinar: Study Medicine/Dentistry In Europe

Starting Date:
Wednesday, June 26, 2024 at 18:00 UK Time

Duration: 2 hours

Get Expert Insight On Studying Medicine & Dentistry Abroad

Attend our free webinar. Learn about:

  • Benefits of studying in Europe
  • Medical education in Europe
  • Medical universities offering English courses - graduate and undergraduate
  • Most popular medical schools in Europe
  • Admission requirements and deadlines
  • How Medlink Students can help you
  • Tuition fees and living costs
  • Where is this degree recognised?
  • Clinical rotations in the UK and USA
  • and much more
Starting Date:
June, 26th, 2024

Virtual Open Day Programme

Unlock the secrets to a successful career in medicine and dentistry abroad by joining our free webinar. The easiest way to kickstart your career and gain essential information on:
medical education in ukraine
  • The benefits of studying in Europe and the Caribbean - Why study medicine or dentistry abroad
  • Education format in Europe and the Caribbean - Course structure for both graduate entry and 1st-year entry
  • Medical universities offering courses taught in English - Learn more about your options abroad
  • Most popular medical schools in Europe and the Caribbean - According to global trends and our 10+ years of experience in guiding students
  • Admission requirements for medicine and dentistry in Europe and the Caribbean - Find out if you are eligible for entry
  • How Medlink Students can help you - Learn the benefits of applying through Medlink Students
  • Tuition fees and living costs - See the different options available to match your requirements
  • Clinical training opportunities in the UK, USA, and more - Explore your options for clinical practice abroad
  • Where your degree will be recognised - Learn where you’ll be able to work after you graduate
  • Live Q&A session - Get all your questions answered

Why Attend the "Study Medicine & Dentistry Abroad In 2024" Webinar?

Attending this webinar is the easiest way to turn your ambition into a well-informed journey towards a successful career in healthcare. Our team consists of expert advisors and industry professionals who offer unparalleled expertise in guiding students through the complexities of studying abroad.

  • What awaits you in global medical education?Discover the diverse and innovative medical and dental education opportunities across the globe.
  • Navigating admissions: how to stand out?Learn the ins and outs of the application process and how we can help you rise above your peers.
  • Financing your dreams: is it affordable?Get insights into scholarships, financial aid, and budgeting for your studies abroad.
  • Cultural immersion: what can you expect?Understand the cultural experiences and life as an international student in various countries.
  • Career prospects: where will this path lead you?Explore the career opportunities and global recognition of degrees from international institutions.
  • Real stories, real experiences: what do others say?Hear firsthand accounts from students who have walked this path.
virtual open day medlink students

How You Can Benefit From Our Webinar

Access to 100+ medical universities and over 15,000 student success stories

We are the only British Council Certified Agents that offer access to over 100 medical universities in Europe and the Caribbean. The success stories of our 15,000+ accomplished students stand as a testament to the effectiveness and value of our guidance.

Access to 100+ medical universities and over 15,000 student success stories

  • Free of Charge: Accessible to all without any cost.
  • Direct contact with university representatives: Get your questions answered straight from the source.
  • Real-Life discussions with current students: Gain insights from students already experiencing what it’s like to study abroad.
  • In-depth guidance on admissions and the application process: Everything you need to know about applying abroad.
  • Global Perspective: We cover a wide range of countries, and we work with the top universities across Europe and the Caribbean.
  • Continued Support Post-Webinar: Our commitment to your success doesn't end when the webinar does. We offer support to help you implement what you’ve learned so you can use it for your personal and professional success.

Access to 100+ medical universities and over 15,000 student success stories

Medlink Students is an organisation created by former students just like you - who have struggled with the sheer amount of information available online.

We understand the importance of making informed decisions about education and career paths, and we are dedicated to providing you with crucial information quickly and efficiently.

Webinar Speakers

Each of our speakers brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and unique insights that can significantly help you on your path to studying medicine or dentistry abroad. Their combined wisdom is an invaluable resource for any aspiring student.
Edmund Yeboah
Edmund Yeboah
Senior Student Advisor
"Understanding what the top medical schools look for is the key to your success."
Tom Broderick
Tom Broderick
Senior Student Advisor
"Each student's journey is unique. Personalising your approach makes all the difference."
Dana Mais
Dana Mais
Senior Student Advisor
"Facing challenges abroad is part of the journey. Embrace it with confidence."
Daniela Dawson
Daniela Dawson
Admissions Representative
"Seeing admissions from the inside out provides an invaluable understanding of the process."
Special Guests
Special Guests
University Representatives
Get insider information directly from the source. Direct insights from representatives will give you a real feel of what awaits you.
Special Guests
Special Guests
International Students
Real stories, real success: hear how others have turned their dreams into reality and how you can too.

Typical Questions Asked at Our Webinars

How does the curriculum in European medical schools differ from those in my home country?
What are the language requirements for studying medicine in a non-English speaking country?
Can I practise medicine in my home country after graduating from a European medical school?
What are the living expenses and overall cost of studying medicine abroad?
How do I prepare for entrance exams or interviews for medical schools abroad?
What are the visa requirements for studying medicine in Europe?
What kind of support services do Medlink Students offer to international students?

Student's Journey: Before and After Attending Our Webinar

Before: Students often feel overwhelmed by the abundance of information online about studying medicine or dentistry abroad. Going through everything and finding credible sources takes a substantial amount of time and effort, and students often only get offered generic advice and information.

The usual end result is having more questions than answers.

After: After attending a Medlink Students webinar, students come out as well-informed and resourceful individuals. The insights of our expert advisors give students a renewed sense of direction and equip them with the essential knowledge that they need to succeed.

The direct interaction with university representatives and current students provides webinar attendees with a realistic view of life as an international medical student.

Finally, the detailed guidance on the application process, along with the guarantee of personalised support after applying, gives students the confidence to pursue their dream of becoming successful healthcare professionals.

Typical Questions Asked at Our Webinars

With a legacy of excellence and a commitment to personalised guidance, Medlink Students stands as a beacon of trust and expertise in navigating the journey to medical education abroad.

Here are just some of the ways that we assist our students:

  • Comprehensive Admission Guidance: Tailored advice on selecting the right university, crafting compelling applications, and preparing for interviews
  • Preparation for Admission Tests: Resources and support for excelling in required entrance exams.
  • Language Support: Assistance in overcoming language barriers, including preparatory courses for non-English speaking destinations.
  • Visa and Travel Arrangements: Expert advice and assistance in navigating the visa process and making travel arrangements.
  • Accommodation Assistance: Help in finding suitable and safe accommodation abroad.
  • Financial Aid and Scholarship Guidance: Information on scholarships and financial aid to make education more affordable.
  • Post-Acceptance Support: Ongoing support after acceptance, including pre-departure briefings and integration tips.
With Medlink Students by your side, you aren’t just preparing for an education abroad; you’re setting the foundation for your successful career in healthcare. You can rest assured that you will be guided with expertise and personalised care during every step of your career.

How We Use Our Knowledge to Help Students

The Journey of a Student - From Inquiry to Enrollment

Step 1. Initial Contact: Emily, a bright student with a passion for medicine, contacts Medlink Students. She's signed up for a free consultation, where she is greeted with a warm and informative response that clearly outlines her options and available pathways.

Step 2. Personalised Planning: Together with Medlink's experienced advisors, Emily explores various universities, comparing programmes, costs, and locations. Her advisor creates personalised recommendations for her academic profile and personal preferences.

Step 3. Entrance Exam Preparation: If the university has an entrance examination, Medlink provides Emily with resources and strategies to prepare for her entrance exams, significantly boosting her chances of success.

Step 4. Application Process: With the assistance of our admission experts, Emily submits a well-crafted application and personal statement that sets her apart from her peers.

Step 5. Visa and Logistics: Once accepted, Medlink Students assists Emily with the visa process, offering clear, step-by-step guidance and ensuring all documents are in order.

Step 6. Pre-Departure and Onboarding: As her departure nears, Medlink organises pre-departure briefings. Emily feels well-prepared and supported, not just academically but also in adjusting to a new country and culture.

Step 7. Acceptance and Beyond: Emily is accepted into her chosen university. Her journey with Medlink doesn’t end there; they continue to offer support and advice throughout her academic journey.

Through each step, Medlink Students proves to be more than just an advisory service – it's a partner in turning dreams into success stories.

What Past Attendees Are Saying

Tina Hall
"They were very informative and provided useful information in great detail. There were many examples from actuals students and their experiences."
Tobias Lang
"The sound and video quality were perfect. I could understand all the speakers and many of the questions I had were answered. Everyone was very informative."
Raja Mukarram
"The webinar gave me a detailed overview of what the medical schools in Europe can offer. The advisors answered many of our questions and had excellent explanations."
Kiera Pritchard
"I got all the information I wanted to study medicine in Europe. I liked that Medlink Students would be available for help whenever needed. A big thanks to them for their support."
Amanuel Abaalom
"They did an awesome job explaining everything and talking about the process of applying to medical schools in Europe. They were clear and informative."
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