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About the University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova, Romania

Country: Craiova, Romania Tuition Fees: €5000 Living Costs: €300
Courses: Medicine, Dentistry Entrance exam: No Graduate Entry: No

Also known as ‘Safest City in Romania’, Craiova is blessed with charming architecture that reflects its history and culture. As well as a booming financial industry and constant development, this fashionable city has no shortage of big high street names, shopping malls, cool bars, exciting night clubs and a variety of great restaurants. It is also well known for being one of the safest cities in Europe with a very low crime rate which many people attribute to the good caring nature of the Romanian people.

The faculty of medicine at the Medical University of Craiova has a strong international presence and is one of the pillars in Romanian medical higher education. The medical faculty prepares over 1,500 students annually over a 6-year education cycle. You get the support from nearly 300 teachers, organised into 15 departments and 77 courses.

The Craiova University of Medicine also provides fantastic opportunities for studying dentistry in a 6-year programme. There’s no graduate entry medicine programme, but university transfers are possible.

The university is located at Strada Petru Rareș 2, Craiova 200349, Romania.

Medical University of Craiova Tuition Fees

The tuition fees for both dentistry and medicine in English are €5000 per academic year. The duration of both courses is 6 years each.

Student Accommodation

Rents are low; you can get a modern, fully furnished 2 bedroom flat for as little as € 250 per month (€ 125 per person). Huge supermarkets and malls are right in the heart of the city, so shopping and food supplying don’t consume much of your time. There are more than enough bars and clubs in Craiova that can fit everyone’s taste, and every night there’s always a place to hang out with friends.

You get everything in 4 seasons: the spring is warm and beautiful and full of outdoor concerts, the autumn is mild, and the pubs get full. The summer is hot, but you can jump on the freeway and drive to the Black Sea, while the winter can be full of snow, just like a real Christmas should be.

Transport is easy and affordable; taxi’s fares rarely go above £1. There is a very busy train station, with trains every hour to Bucharest (for less than €5). Buses, trams, and trolleys spread throughout the entire city, with connections to any commercial place or neighbourhood.

Many Romanians placed “Belief” among the Top answers to the question “what is most important about your idea of happiness?” Romanians respect the right of any person to freely worship as they wish with no prejudices of how you look or act. Beautiful churches are spread throughout the city with elegant gardens nearby, where you can enjoy a peaceful stroll in the sunshine or relax under one of the ancient pine trees. Muslims students frequently visit the Mosque to observe their daily prayers, which is conveniently located in the city centre.

Students who study medicine here often take their lunch and head towards the Romanesco Park a 5-minute walk from the university. You can enjoy a quick lunch along the riverside or a walk along the many pathways of the park, giving you a great chance to find out just how friendly and beautiful the Craiovian people are. The park is the third-largest natural park in Europe and houses its zoo with a few restaurants along the riverside. In spring, students like to hire small boats or bikes and go up and down the river, enjoying a break from the strict demands of medicine.

Romania is a democracy, a full member of the European Union, and enjoys every privilege as any of the other 26 countries (freedom of speech, freedom of travel, multiculturalism, consolidated budgets, European policies).

Medical University of Craiova Admission & Entry Requirements

There’s no entrance exam here, but applicants should have Biology and Chemistry at the high school level.

The processing fee for admission is €200.

The university offers international students 50 seats for medicine and 30 seats for dentistry. Competition to get accepted here is high, but we can make it easier for you.

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University Term Dates

The academic year is divided into two semesters, each lasts 15 weeks, With an average of 30 hours per week. Start date is not yet available.

Medical University of Craiova Accreditation

You will get an international degree in medicine when you complete your studies successfully.

The GMC recognises the Medical University of Craiova. To be accepted, the GMC’s requirements are: you will need to have graduated successfully in a course which contained at least 5,500 hours and lasted at least three years.

The university meets the criteria of acceptance into the GMC

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