Ovidius University Constanta

Ovidius University Constanta, Romania

Country: Constanta, RomaniaTuition Fees: €5000Living Costs: €600
Courses: MedicineEntrance exam: NoGraduate Entry: No

Founded in 1961 as an institute and transformed into a comprehensive university in 1990, Ovidius University Constanta or also known as Constanta Medical School is one of the youngest and most modern medical universities in Romania. It is named after a famous Romanian poet Publius Ovidius Naso (where a statue of him is placed in his honour in the city) and has 16 schools which make up more than 30 specialisations including Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy and Economics. Constanta is home to one of the largest libraries in Romania with more than half a million publications held within. It is the fifth largest city with a population of 300,000 and located only 220km from the capital city of Romania; Bucharest. The beautiful harbour by the Black Sea, the rich history dating back to the 6th century BC (where the city was once called Tomis) or the various archaeological sights to see in the park; there’s always something of worth to see in this beautiful city. Romania is well known for its low cost of living and the number of universities on offer that is regarded as the best in Europe, it’s no wonder that they attract a large number of students internationally.

The university offers Medicine in English and lasts 6 years with 360 ECTS Credits offered. Like most universities, the course is divided into two parts; Pre-clinical and Clinical. The first three years being the theory and pre-clinical stage where the focus is on fundamental knowledge and laboratory practicals. The last three years are where you will gain clinical experience within the hospitals with surgical courses offered.

The degree is presented as a Master’s Degree with the title of Physician (MD), once the course finishes and the final exam finished, and is universally recognised worldwide. This enables graduates to practice in any EU state country and outside of the EU, and of course post-Brexit; the U.K.

Application Deadline: June 18th (do not leave until the last minute to apply!)

Tuition Fees: €5000 per year

Living Costs: €600 per month

Agency Fees: See services page

Requirements for entry into the first year:

• Pass in Biology & Chemistry during the final three years of High School. (UK students must have Passed Biology & Chemistry at A-Level).

• Pass the competitive entry test (we will help you do so).

Applications must be submitted as early as possible, especially for non-EU applicants so the visa is gained before September.