Company Profile

Medlink Students Company Profile - Study Medicine in Europe

Medlink Students currently helps students, from all over the world, get admitted into various faculties at European universities. Our success has earned us many loyal customers and endless praise on social media.

Many of our international students have expressed interest in studying Medicine and Dentistry as well as many other subjects at institutions in Europe. Students have asked us to liaise with universities, on their behalf, in order for them to secure a place on Medicine (and other) courses.

Business Information

  • Business Name: Medlink Students Limited, U.K. Company number 09993343

  • Offices:

  1. UNITED KINGDOM: 45 Twemlow Avenue, Poole, BH148AL.
  2. ISRAEL: 4/14 Har Hatsofim, Kiryat, Shmona, Safed, 11015 (North)
  3. UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: Business Park, Klause City, Abu Dhabi
  4. ROMANIA: AP1-Block F4, 1 Mai Street, Craiova
  5. LEBANON: 21 Meksee High Street, Chtaura Region, Bekaa Valley
  6. UKRAINE: 13 Volodymyra Vernadskoho Street, Dnipro, 49000

General Business Activities

Medlink Students Ltd has been established as an education consultation agency in the Middle East since 2012. Our traditional business model is focusing on helping students secure a place on a medicine university course in Europe. Based on the decision of the company to expand our reach, we established offices in Europe (U.K.) since early 2016. The student intake of our agency is, on average, 47 international students per month, depending on the variables that are factored in, such as university acceptance rates. Our students are currently admitted to medicine and dentistry courses in Eastern Europe, with available opportunities for other courses too. We are certified by the British Council. However, we have been operating for 5 years, and our student representatives have over 25 years of combined global experience working in this field. You can trust us to represent institutions professionally, enthusiastically, and in style!

Company Strategy in the U.K.

  • Purpose: To give students excellent service and universities exclusivity in our international student recruitment offices by providing enhanced services and a strong relationship.

  • Vision: To provide quality services that exceed the expectations of our esteemed students and the UK/European universities.

  • Mission statement:To build long term relationships with our customers and our chosen higher education institutions, and provide exceptional customer services by pursuing student recruitment through innovation, attractive marketing, and advanced technology.

  • Core values:We treat all our clients with respect and transparency. We are medical students and doctors ourselves, and in the years, we have established a family by creating a relationship with our customers build on trust and positivity.

  • Goals: To develop a strong base with students globally and our chosen universities. Increase the assets and investments of the company to support the development of services. To build a further good reputation in the field of student recruitment and become a stronger key player in the industry.

Scope of Work

Medlink Students will conduct education consulting and high standards of marketing* of our partner universities. Our agency undertakes all administrative duties and logistics for students who wish to study in Europe or the UK. We already offer an affordable service to students, which comprises a package of completion and submission of administrative work, an arrangement of visa and flights and accommodation, city tours, and 24/7 assistance during the student’s stay at university, as we do in Dnipro Medical Institute. Further, universities can rest assured that Medlink Students will validate the genuineness of students and universities that we choose to represent. We undertake thorough research to verify the validity of the education and qualifications of prospective students.

*Below are examples of our first point of contact type of marketing material for courses that we’ve previously sponsored. Please note that we have more thorough promotional literature in our offices. The leaflets below are to attract and spark interest in our prospective students.