Frequently Asked Questions - Studying Medicine or Dentistry in Europe

Studying in Europe is very similar to studying in the UK, with some small differences.

Europe is quickly becoming one of the main destinations for UK students who are chasing their dream of becoming doctors or dentists. European universities are very similar to universities in the UK as their modern, state of the art Faculties have a relaxing and friendly environment, so you can focus on your studies while at the same time enjoying the vibrant spirit of the lively cities. Many of you and your families will be excited about this opportunity but will still have many concerns. Therefore, the best way to address all your questions is to call us (on the number in our website header) and we will put you in touch with a medical student, currently studying Europe, who will be happy to answer all of your questions.


Will you get me accepted into a Medical School?

Yes, we guarantee you entry into Medical School.

my medical certificate be recognised all over the world?

Yes, Everywhere. All our universities are GMC and GDC approved. The GMC/GDC are reputable and credible regulatory bodies who are recognised all over the world.

When I complete my degree I want to work in the UK, will I need to take the PLAB exam or any other tests?

No. The U.K. fully recognises all our courses because they are GMC/GDC approved.

Is my Medical degree accepted in the UK?
Yes. Call us now to speak to one of our current medical students in Europe or you can alternatively speak with the GMC.

Which subjects are required?

Having a science background can help but Medlink Students will take into account all the applications we receive, just give us a ring and have a chat with one of our students. We are strongly connected to all our sponsored Medical universities and can try to liaise with admissions for some leeway. 

I didn’t get an interview in the UK, can I still apply?

Yes. Just send us your application and we will assess it for you for free, (click here)

I did not get made an offer even though I have had an interview at a UK Medical School, can I still apply?

Yes. Just send us your application and we will assess it for you for free, (click here)

I did not get the grades to meet my offer for Medical School in the UK, can I still apply?

Yes. Just send us your application and we will assess it for you for free, (click here)

When is the application deadline to study in 2018/19?

You don't want to be leaving it too late, definitely not later than early September. However, the sooner, the better. Medlink Students will accept late applications. EU courses have become very popular in the U.K. recently, especially in the last couple of years. For this reason, it’s best to apply as soon as possible as universities have limited spaces. 

Is this one of my UCAS choices?

We are not part of UCAS. Medlink-Students are similar to UCAS but in Europe. You can apply to UCAS and to Medlink Students at the same time.

This Option is separate from UCAS, most of our students use it as a backup option in case they do not receive any offers to remain in the UK. This is extra, a 5th Medical Choice. We call this the smart option ;)

Can mature students apply?

Yes. Just send us your application and we will assess it for you for free, (click here)

I've Just had a gap year, can I still apply?

Yes. Just send us your application and we will assess it for you for free, (click here)

Can graduates apply?

Yes. Actually many of the students here are graduates from the UK (some transfer straight into 4th Year graduate entry medicine). Just send us your application and we will assess it for you.

Which universities can I apply to with Medlink Students?

Medlink Students have direct links with a many medical schools all over Europe. We can help you study in Medical or Dental Schools in Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary, Czech or Ukraine. 

I already have a place at a UK Medical School, but I am excited about this opportunity so can I still apply through Medlink-Students?

Yes. Just send us your application and we will assess it for you for free, (click here)

Is there an entrance exam?

Only an English test, By Law, the University has to test the students in the English language (as the course is taught in English). British applicants pass this exam with no problems.

Is there an Interview?

Yes. If you contact Medlink Students, We will prepare you for the interview as it is our job to get you a place. It has never been a problem for Medlink Students as we already submit a very strong application for you. The interview has always been a formality for our students.

Where are interviews held?

For the time being, in your respective university which you desire to study at. We are working with the University to try and conduct the interviews in the UK ourselves.

I don’t speak the country's local language, can I still apply?

Yes, we have not had any students from the UK that can speak any Romanian/Bulgarian etc.. Students will be provided with some basic foreign language lesson as part of their course (2 hrs per week), to help you enjoy the life in the city. The majority of eastern Europeans understand English.

Can I study Medicine or Dentistry in Europe if I have a criminal record, or a chronic disease?
Yes, we can help you get into Medical or Dental university even if you have a criminal record from the past. Medlink Students does not discriminate against you by exploiting your past mistakes. Your health status is not relelvant, as long as your illness doesn't impact your ability to learn and practice medicine.


Is the course entirely taught in English?

Yes, all the lessons, all the mid-term tests, all exams, every practical session and all private consultations are taught in English.

Do I require a Visa to come to Europe?

EU citizens do NOT need a visa to come here. All British citizens are EU citizens. Otherwise, Medlink Students will assist you in every way we can in your Visa application and getting your Visa.

When I start my rounds in the hospitals, will they all be taught in English?

Yes, however by this point you will have learned some of the local language. The doctor will always explain and translate what the patients say so that you can focus on discussing the medical side of things.

Do you offer any scholarships?

Yes we do offer a very limited number of Scholarships. Please speak to one of our representatives and we can tell you more about this option.

I'm Canadian, can I get help with funding?
Yes, please check here if you're eligible.

Can I apply via post graduate entry?

In Europe it can be difficult but not impossible to do so. We urge you to get in touch with us so we can tell you how we've helped most of our post graduate students from repeating modules they've previously studied in their undergraduate degree.


Can I live in student dorms?

Generally, we do not recommend staying in university accommodation. However, in Europe, the dorms are on campus and have just been refurbished.

Is it easy to get an apartment?

Yes, we have a list of very respected and decent letting agencies and landlords that we recommend to you. All our UK students last year decided to live in private apartments shared with their fellow course mates because flats are at a very reasonable price and located in the heart of the beautiful city centre (15 minute walk from the university, 2-3 minutes by taxi which costs  under £1 British pound).

Is Medlink Students a scam?
We are a legitimate agency. We are verified by the UK government's Companies House. We have hundreds of testimonials from students who we've worked with from all over the world. You can find testimonials of our services on Facebook, TrustPilot, and Google and other platforms used by students. We have worked with thousands of students on a global scale. We are very likely to have worked with a student who lives in the same country as you, so we can put you in touch with them (with their permission) or their parents who can vouch for our professional service. We are affiliated with HSBC, a globally established and reputable bank who will work to protect businesses and customers from scams and fraud. Your payments are safe with us.

...and the most frequently asked question:

This sounds too good to be true, what’s the catch?

The world needs more doctors. Medical universities in many countries are expensive and can only take on board a limited number of students each year, We want to give more students the chance to pursue a career in Medicine by studying in English, in a safe, beautiful city for a much cheaper fee.