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Studying habits

4 Tips On Developing Stronger Studying Habits

Ok, so you’ve probably heard that it takes 21 days to develop a habit. While it’s true that you need to do something consistently over a certain amount of days in order for it to become a habit there really are no magical numbers. According to research, it takes no less than 2 months before […]

Study in Italy

Why Studying Medicine in Italy is a Top Choice

Italy prides with some of the best medical schools in Europe. It has been an everlasting choice for Medicine and Dentistry and its popularity is well known among the medical world due to its modern approach and use of some of the latest technologies that furthermore make studying more interesting and engaging. It’s certainly one […]

Graduate medicine

How to Study Graduate Medicine in Europe TODAY!

Have you always wanted to study medicine or dentistry? Do you happen to be from the UK? I ask these questions because a lot of British applicants get rejected from UK medical schools and desperate they sign up for other health-related courses – physiotherapy, radiography, microbiology etc. A lot of these students fail to find […]

Study productively

How to Maximise Studying Productivity (№1)

Okay, so you’ve decided to or perhaps already are studying Medicine. This would mean that suddenly you’d be supposed to cram massive amounts of information in a short period of time with extended studying sessions. This is nevertheless expected since the doctor’s profession requires in-depth knowledge in a lot of different areas so that the […]

sports that Boost productivity

How Sports Can Boost Studying Productivity.

Most probably throughout your whole life you’ve been told to do sports, that it’s super healthy and rewarding. Well, guess what, it really is! In this article we will review the benefits it has for your brain’s activity and studying in particular. Feeling burnt out? Overwhelmed by the amount of information you’re supposed to cram? […]

Uk students

Why Are UK Students Flocking to Study Medicine in Europe?

More and more students nowadays choose to do their Medical or Dental degree in Europe. We all know how keen on immigrating the British are but it’s the devastating requirements that force them to take matters into their own hands. Nevertheless, European education has always had a substantial reputation and it’s constantly implementing new technologies […]