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What you must know about the GMC, WFME and ECFMG

Studying medicine in Europe is a considerable feat and cannot be taken lightly. We understand that you’ll be spending your time, money and energy for the next few years pursuing your dream. That’s why potential students should be smart in the choices they make. It is essential you gather facts and look at the evidence […]

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Study Medicine Online: Year 1 to 3

The world is continuously evolving due to the current unprecedented events and ongoing technological advancements. Medical courses and universities must keep up. Hence, universities will always be looking for ways to make education more efficient and effective for you as a student. We offer universities that are some of the most technologically advanced and accomodating […]

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Plovdiv Medical University Review by UK Student

Watch the video below now. We interviewed Usman two months after starting his first semester at the Medical University of Plovdiv in Bulgaria. Watch the video here or read his review below. Studying medicine in Bulgaria is an increasingly popular option for international students who would like to pursue their dream of studying medicine abroad. […]

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6 Essential Apps for Students Who Move Abroad

Moving abroad comes with its difficulties. You must be aware of the technology available for students to ensure you have a smoother transition.  There are apps and online tools available to make your transition abroad easier. Here are our top apps for students who go abroad to study medicine. Evernote long gone are the days […]

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Is the UK desperate for Overseas trained Doctors?

Choosing to study medicine and dentistry overseas comes with a lot of excitement and anxiety. An overwhelming amount of irrational fears get stuck in your head. I get it, I’ve been there myself. Those irrational thoughts usually involve the worry that you may not get hired when you try to come back to work in […]

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What Is The ORE and Why You Shouldn’t Worry About it.

The ORE stands for the Overseas Registration Exam. It is required only for qualified overseas dentists who have to pass to be registered with the GDC and therefore to be granted the ability to work in the UK. This exam applies to countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA). The ORE aims to examine the […]

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Why the Ranking of The University is Not Important

Sometimes we get questions about the world or European ranking of a particular university. That’s why I now want to show you and consolidate you why rankings are usually not as relevant as people think. We work only with the best medical universities in Europe. The thing is that it’s impossible to measure the most […]

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How to Organise an Elective in the UK as an Overseas Trained Student

Medical electives are short-term placements that every student is recommended to undergo. They consist of shadowing doctors or even assisting in real healthcare situations as well as learning practical skills like administering injections and medical sewing. This period usually occurs during the final year of the medical degree. We do recommend that students try to […]

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Studying Medicine In Bucharest – Podcast Review

This is a podcast from one of our many successful students – Hania! You can listen to the audio version here or read the transcript below. [Osman]: Hi Hania. Thanks for joining us today, this is Osman from Medlink Students. Thank you for giving us the time to answer the questions that a lot of […]