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Country: Tbilisi, Georgia Tuition Fees: €7000 Living Costs: €500
Courses: Medicine Entrance exam: No Graduate Entry: Yes
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The New Vision University is located in Georgia, a former Soviet Union state country in Western Asia, close to Syria, Iraq, and Russia. It is a private university that was recently-founded in 2013. As the university is fairly new, there have not been any successful British graduates as of yet. In terms of physical size, New Vision University is very small building and resembles an apartment building. New Vision University is a popular choice for students from Middle Eastern countries such as Iran, Syria, Iraq, Azerbaijan and Armenia, as well as students from India. The medical school is not so well-known in the UK, but you can find a handful of British students here as well.

The climate in Tiblisi varies throughout the year. The summers are mostly clear and warm whereas the winters are very cold, snowy, cloudy and long. The temperature can go down to -10°C in the winters.

Students may or may not need to make a study-visa before flying to Georgia depending on their nationality. You do have to make a residence permit in Georgia, this can be checked with the university depending on your nationality.

New Vision University offers several English courses for international students. The English program is a new program aimed at foreign students. Students study 6-year medicine and 5-year dentistry here or get an MD diploma on the accelerated 4-year medicine course if they have a degree. However, this does not guarantee that you can practice medicine in EU countries nor the UK.

The university owns its own hospital and is listed in The World Directory of Medical Schools. Students will be learning basic Georgian and Medicine during their years of study.

There is a graduate-entry medicine programme here and student transfers are accepted.

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Is New Vision University GMC approved?

Over the past few years, many students have had concerns on this matter and have turned to us for clarification. The short answer to this question is “no”. How come?

Because New Vision University is a young university which was established in 2013, there hasn’t been a UK graduate from it yet. The GMC would need the first graduate to arrive and submit their university documents for assessment, as the council doesn’t have the time to evaluate each and every university in the world listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools.

While we are playing the waiting game, there’s no guarantee that the university degree will be accepted until the General Medical Council receive the graduates and analyse the university’s profile from the directory. Once they do, they will open a file for the university and begins to assess and analyse it to ensure that the university meets the criteria of acceptance set by the general medical council.

Until then, our advice for you is to be careful because you’re going to be investing your future, time and youth for the next few years into studying medicine at a university.

You can also refer to our list of European universities that are recognised by the GMC.

New Vision University Medicine Tuition Fees

Here you can study in a Medical Doctor Program for 5 or 6 years depending on your preference, and Dentistry Program for 5 years. Tuition fees for the first year are around €6200 for medicine and €4500 for dental medicine. From the second year and beyond, prices automatically go down by 25% ( €4650 for medicine, €3375 for dentistry)

The fee covers teaching materials, language enhancement courses (if needed), acknowledgement of prior learning as well as remaining student services.

Important Note: If you wish to do your electives in UK hospitals, it will cost you £14,000 for one year, composed of 2 semesters. Also, you might have to take an extra semester in Georgia in the summer.

Student Accommodation

The university offers a student hostel but it might be hard to get in due to the high volume of requests and the low bed capacity. That’s why it’s better to rent an apartment in Tbilisi at your location of preference because prices are still cheap.

A single bedroom apartment here will cost you approx. €324-500 per month. Add up €300 worth of other expenses and you’ve got monthly living costs of approx. ~€634-800.

New Vision University Admission & Entry Requirements

Students must have a high school certificate confirming their grades for admission into the 6 or 5-year program. Students with a university degree related to a health-science may be entered into the third year of medicine and study medicine in 4 years. You can get admission into the medical program with no entrance exam.

The maximum year of entry for students from science-related degrees will be a 3rd-year entry (depending on qualifications), meaning the MD degree may be four years long. Students from Medicine (MBBS, MBS, MD) programs may be able to transfer to higher than the 3rd year. However, based on our long years of on-field experience, we recommend that you look into Silesia University in Poland or Dnipro Medical Institute in Ukraine if you are looking for an accelerated medical course in dentistry or medicine.

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New Vision University World Ranking and Accreditation

The university ranks in 21st position in Georgia and it currently sits at rank 10,800 in world university rankings. Since the university is fairly young it is currently accredited in India and neighbouring countries in the Middle East.

The degree you get from New Vision University is not automatically accredited by the General Medical Council (GMC) and internationally in general, as of yet.

University Curriculum & Syllabus

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