New Vision University

New Vision University Tbilisi, Georgia

Country: Tbilisi, GeorgiaTuition Fees: €7000Living Costs: €500
Courses: MedicineEntrance exam: NoGraduate Entry: Yes

✓ Study Medicine in 6 years, 5 years or 4 years (subject to criteria).

✓ Tuition fee for your first year is USD $7000, thereafter $5750/year only if you pass all your exams.

✓ Located near Syria, Iraq & Iran (Geographically).

✓ Electives in UK hospitals cost £14,000 for one year, composed of 2 semesters. This does not guarantee that the GMC will accept the degree.

The New Vision University, Georgia is a private university that was recently-founded in 2013 (Source: World Directory of Medical Schools) meaning there has not been any successful graduates as of yet from this univeristy. It offers several English courses for international students. The English program is a new program aimed at international students. Students can get an MD diploma on the accelerated 4-year medicine course if they have a degree.

The university owns its own hospital and is listed in The World Directory of Medical Schools. Students will be learning basic Georgian and Medicine during their years of study.

Admission to Tbilisi NVU

Students must have high school certificates confirming their grades in Biology and Chemistry for admission into the 6 or 5-year program. Students with a university degree related to a health-science may be entered into the third year of medicine and study medicine in 4 years. You can get admission into the medical program with no entrance exam.

The maximum year of entry for students from science-related degrees will be a 3rd-year entry (depending on qualifications), meaning the MD degree may be four years long. Students from Medicine (MBBS, MBS, MD) programs may be able to transfer to higher than the 3rd year.

Tuition fees

New Vision University fees are $7000 (~£5500) for your first year of entry then it will automatically go down by 25% to ($5750) £4000 from your second year til your final year. Living costs are about 400-500 Euros/month.


The climate in Tiblisi varies throughout the year. The summers are mostly clear and warm whereas the winters are very cold, snowy, cloudy and long. The temperature can go down to -6°C in the winters.

Residence Permit

Students may or may not not need to make a study-visa before flying to Georgia depending on their nationality. You do have to make a residence permit in Georgia, this can be checked with the university depending on your nationality.

Medlink Students will advise you regarding entry into the programs at New Vision University, apply here so you can find out more info on admission.


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