How To Transfer From Biomedical Science to Medicine

Science to Medicine

This is an article designed to answer all your questions about transferring to medicine or dentistry in Europe especially from biomedical science. A lot of students aren’t aware of their possibilities and simply learn to put up with a degree they find uninteresting and unprosperous.

Because of this, we’ve felt obliged to present our students with the opportunities to change their life for the better and pursue what they’ve always wanted to.

The Situation

Nowadays, the number of students in biomedical science that look for a transfer is continuously growing. This is mainly due to the fact that a lot of these people haven’t begun their degrees because of general interest in them, but because they’ve chosen it as a backup plan. You probably know how hard it is to get accepted into medical schools in some countries – UK, USA, Canada etc. A lot of students then decide to step up with a plan B and enrol for a biomedical degree.

What Are The Other Options?

However, soon after, these students realise that this may not be the correct path for them because they still have the dream to become medical doctors and dentists. These enthusiastic, passionate and ambitious people just like yourself then decide to look for choices elsewhere. Here at Medlink Students, we perceive the qualities of these students and seek to provide them with their best options to study medicine in Europe.

Some applicants decide to complete their biomedical degrees and then become eligible to study graduate medicine in Europe. This is an accelerated course that allows you to complete medicine in 4 years and kick-start your career right away after you graduate.

Others, who don’t see merit in finishing their degree directly opt for a transfer to medicine in Europe. Medlink Students offer a special program for these ambitious students to study medicine in a top medical university in Europe.

This way, they can get exempted from the subjects they’ve already sat an exam for. What’s more, they can directly apply for the same year they are currently in! For example, they’ve just finished their 2nd year of a biomedical degree so they can enrol to start in the 3rd year of medical school! You don’t lose anything, the effort you’ve put into your previous degree is accounted for and you are simply changing from one degree to the other.

Where Do We Stand

We strive to raise awareness about this incredible opportunity because a lot of students that don’t know about the option decide to first complete their degree and then look to enrol for graduate medicine in Europe. Obviously, the other way around would save them a lot of time and effort.

We’ve helped numerous students in the exact same situation to fulfil their childhood dreams and become certified and well-respected medical doctors or dentists. Are you ready to become one of them?

Decide to transfer to study medicine in Europe today and become who you’ve always wanted to be. No one should be left to give up on his dreams. Medlink Students embraces all of its applicants like a family and we provide you with all the support you need to accomplish your goals as have hundreds of our students!

Opt-in for a better life, APPLY now!

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