Self Funding Loans

Funding and Loans for Medical Universities in Europe

Many of our students who wish to study medicine abroad will self fund their education, or ask family and friends to lend them the money. Some students have opted to borrow from banks who give out student loans to cover your fees. Check out our affiliate bank HSBC for more details.

Students who were unable to get loans have opted for working while studying. Some of our UK students have been returning to the UK during holidays to earn money and maintain their living costs.

This is possible because you will have three months off in the summer (July, August, September) then four weeks off during the Christmas holidays, and a one month break between semester one and two (February) so that’s five months in total you could be making money in.

Getting a loan in the UK doesn’t necessarily have to come from a bank, there are other means. Search online for private lending companies who are willing to give out long-term student loans. When you get a rejection for a loan from the bank, you can ask the advisor to suggest other means of getting a loan. They usually work closely with private investors who give out private loans.

Another option is to look into Professional and Career Development Loans, these are loans going up to £10,000 that are given by banks like the co-operative. The government pays for the interest, and you begin to pay back the loan after 2 years or so. The institution you plan to study it must be on the list of professional career development loan (PCDL) learning providers. You can contact the National Careers Service to investigate.

Unfortunately, the chances of getting scholarships or funding from the universities are very slim for a foreigner, but we can help you apply for them if you wish to do so.

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