Poznan University of Medical Sciences

Poznan University of Medical Sciences (PUMS) in Poland

✓ Living costs £5,500-6,000 per year;

✓ Advanced program, tuition ~ £13,500 per year;

    Medicine 4-years

✓ 6-year program, tuition ~ £11,500;

✓ Dentistry 5-year program ~ £11,500;

✓ Pharmacy 6-year program ~ £11,500.

Poznan Medical University runs a small advanced-medicine course aimed at American and Canadian degree-holders, who study on a different system than the UK. Students in those countries usually study a pre-med Bachelor’s course specifically tailored to cover the first pre-clinical subjects of medicine, then they apply for the 4-year graduate medicine program.

1. Poznan Medical University requires medical graduates to have a high school certificate An advantage is given to students who have covered Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths during their High School years of GCSEs and/or A-levels.

2. Graduates must have attained a Bachelor’s degree after 2013 and covers a total of 735 hours. It is essential that applicants have (at BSc degree level, not high school level) all of the following subjects showing on their university transcript:

  • General Biology

  • General Chemistry

  • Organic Chemistry

  • General Physics or Statistics or Maths

  • Sociology, Anthropology or Human Behaviour

3. Students must sit the GAMSAT, UKCAT or MCAT exams.

4. After meeting all of the requirements above, applicants will sit an MCQ entrance exam and interview arranged by the medical university in Poland to be tested on their knowledge in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

5. Students must present a recommendation letter from a Science teacher.

6. Students must show a thorough and detailed medical health certificate filled in by a doctor, including Hep B vaccinations.

Ensure that you apply here before June 30th to secure your seat on the course.

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