Why is Medlink Students agency suitable for you?

Medicine Entry

OUR STORY. Founded by students who were in your shoes, we traveled from Britain to Europe in pursuit of our dream of becoming doctors or dentists. We understand your situation from our unique perspective as students, and have experienced first hand the same issues that you’re likely to need help with. We promise to guide you through every step of the way and support you throughout your time in Europe.

TOP UNIVERSITIES. We can guarantee you entry into our’ most prestigious medical universities in Europe. We’ll find you a university suitable for your needs. Tuition fees start from £3000 per academic year, and you will begin studying in September.

LOWEST FEES. We will do everything for you from getting your acceptance to helping you come back to the UK after graduation. You will not have to lift a finger. We want you to focus on studying so you can achieve your best potential as a doctor. We have the lowest agency fees for the services we offer, and if any other organisation offers you lower fees then we promise to meet that quote.

ENGLISH COURSE. All the medicine courses are taught in English, and there are numerous British students studying in our universities already. The first 2 years are theory based, and the last 4 years are practical based, All of our students who have tried to come back to work in the NHS after graduation have successfully done so.

ENRICHING LIFESTYLE. The cities we will place you in are absolutely safe and none of our students have had any trouble whilst living and studying there. You will be studying with other British students who have gone through our agency, alongside our agents who are in the older years. I know it can be terrifying moving to a new country but don’t worry, everyone who’s studying there is in the same boat, hence the international community at each university is like a huge friendly family. It’s super easy to make friends, and you will have us on campus for support 24/7. Living costs are cheap, usually about £200-300 per month would suffice.

EXCELLENT HEALTHCARE. We’ll help you get free EU health insurance which provides you with access to state healthcare in all EEU countries. Last year, one of our students had some health issues due to alcohol intoxication at a party, I took him to the closest hospital. I showed them his health insurance, and they provided very professional service and kept him in intensive care overnight to keep an eye on him. All the health professionals spoke in English and it was free of charge – it was all very easy and felt like the NHS.

ACADEMIC GUIDANCE. This is our most important and unique service. All our agents are students who are currently studying medicine/dentistry. We’ve been through the first year, and we know how confusing and different it can be staying in a new country. We will be on the same campus as you and you will see us multiple times, daily. We can give you subject-specific advise, guide you on the best coping practices and arm you with our revision tips. A secretary in an office in London certainly cannot do that.

TESTIMONIALS. Guaranteed Outstanding service. Read what students have said about us on Facebook and Trustpilot.

HOW TO PROCEED. Send us an application, and we’ll get back to you with a list of documents required. Once you’ve sent us these documents, leave it to us and let us take it from there!

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