Top 7 Questions About Studying in Dnipro Medical Institute in Ukraine

Medicine in Ukraine

Dnipro Medical Institute of Alternative and Non-alternative Medicine in Ukraine has quickly become one of the most popular universities for studying medicine and dentistry in Europe.

A big reason for this is the graduate entry medicine program that the university provides as it is the only medical school in Europe to offer a 3-year program. Currently, any graduate in medical sciences is eligible to apply for it and if you’re unsure about whether you qualify then contact us and we will do our best to help you.

Because of the university’s ever-growing popularity, we get a lot of questions about the university, the city and the country itself so here our answers:

#1 – Is the Degree Accepted?

The degrees that Dnipro Medical Institute provides with are recognised by the GMC and generally worldwide. You graduate as certified doctor of medicine or dentistry and after you sit a basic test you can start working in your home country or anywhere in Europe. In order to work in the UK as a dentist, you are required to sit a basic exam testing your theoretical and clinical knowledge. All of our students who have sat the exam have passed from the first attempt.

#2 – Are There Many International Students?

Absolutely yes! Dnipro is the students’ hub of Ukraine and there are thousands of international students from all over the world. The community of British students is especially big because of the most appealing graduate medicine entry program but first-year programs are also extremely popular because they are cheap and high quality.

Medlink Students make sure that every new student is introduced to the already established community so you’ll never have a problem with socialisation and finding new friends.

#3 – How Safe is the City/Country?

The city is as safe as any other European city because it’s a students’ city. You’ll never have a problem with safety. British students are actually amazed by how quiet and calm Dnipro is! You can literally go out in the middle of the night and you would have no problems at all.

#4 – What Will Accommodation be Like?

Medlink Students will handle everything surrounding your accommodation. The only thing you have to do is state your preferences (rooms, roommates, budget etc.) We will present you with a number of options to choose from.

#5 – How safe is the country for ethnic minorities?

The country is absolutely safe and that applies to ethnic minorities too. None of our students has ever had any problems with racism. There are big communities of British, Indian, Pakistani, African, Middle-Easterners and many other nationalities. These student communities are always open to new students so you’ll never have a problem in socialising. Medlink Students will organize a lot of students’ activities to help you integrate within the community.

#6 – How many students generally go to Ukraine to study from the UK?

Short answer – a lot. Medlink Students send over a huge number of UK students each year to study in Dnipro alone. There is a huge British community now of a lot of people with similar stories like yourself – persistent, enthusiastic and passionate about studying medicine and pursuing their dreams.

#7 How Much are Tuition Fees and Living Costs?

Tuition fees in the first year are €4,800 and then they go down to just €3,500/year

The special accelerated medicine program tuition fees vary.

As for living costs, you can look to fully support yourself with €400-550/month including rent. Life in Ukraine is very cheap compared to other European countries.

If you have any questions left unanswered always feel free to contact us!

If you’ve decided to study medicine or dentistry in Europe then wait no more and APPLY TODAY!

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