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We were asked to write an article for one of the most circulated magazines for Young Dentists with over 20,000 subscribers, regarding the influx of students flocking to Europe to study Medicine and Dental Medicine. Grab a copy of the Spring 2018 edition and enjoy our exclusive article.

The very thorough piece talked about the extreme competitiveness of medicine and dentistry courses for British students in the UK. Then we expanded on the benefits of studying in Europe, and the options open for candidates who wish to study in each of the European countries and universities. Finally, Osman offered insight about his personal journey of studying Dental Medicine in Europe, and the challenges he faced.

Osman is one of the Medlink Students and now offers to help prospective students from all over the world to apply to study medicine in Europe! Front cover of Young Dentist magazine

Top: Cover of Young Dentist Magazine. Below: Article about Medlink Students

Studying Medicine in Europe

Young Dentist article about Medlink Students

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