Congratulations to our students!

Our students

Watch out for the two UK celebrities who decided to pursue their dream of studying medicine in Europe!

Our first celebrity on the scene is Nikhita Rathod who is currently having the time of her life in Bulgaria. Nikhita was commended for being a high achiever in high school and so got her own spot in the local newspaper [linked], alongside her supportive father who encouraged her to pursue studying medicine in Varna.

Source: LeceisterLive Newspaper

Nothing stopped Sarah Belabbes from finding a route into medicine that suits her. When Sarah first approached Medlink Students, she was determined, passionate and enthusiastic about the potential of studying medicine in Bulgaria. Sarah was been featured in a newspaper article [linked] about her journey to Europe, after results day.

Inspired to pursue medicine in Europe just like our students Sarah and Nikhita? Send us an application and an advisor will guide in finding the most suitable university for you!

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