Pavol Jozef Šafárik University

Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice Faculty of Medicine, Slovakia

Country: Kosice, SlovakiaTuition Fees: €11000Living Costs: €500
Courses: Medicine, DentistryEntrance exam: YesGraduate Entry: No
Pavol University
  • NO AGENCY FEE for first-year entry.

  • Study Medicine in English (6 years)

  • Study Dentistry in English (6 years)

  • Medicine tuition €10,500/year*

  • Dentistry tuition €11,000/year*

  • Tuition is paid in two equal instalments.

  • Entrance exam in London: 28 August 2019

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Entry Requirements & Admission

Students must have good grades in their high school certificate, e.g. three A-levels, Baccalaureate, final leaving certificate etc. The university offers 200 places on the medicine in the English course and 30 places on the dentistry in English course.

Entrance Exam

An exam in Biology and Chemistry is sat at the Medical University and consists of multiple choice questions and answers. The exam will be 2 hours and 30 mins  Medlink Students will provide you with very good preparation material to ensure you score very competitively compared to other candidates. We will also prepare a very strong application file for you so you have a competitive advantage over other dentistry or medicine applicants in Europe.


Students must apply as soon as possible, as an early application allows for more time to prepare a strong application file. Applications are currently open for 2019 entry at the Pavol Jozef University of Medicine, submit an application to one of our advisors can contact you with more information. Students must submit their documents to Medlink Students before September 2019.

Term Dates

The term dates for first-year medicine and dentistry students begins in mid-September. The Christmas vacations are usually between 23 December till 6 Jan, for first-year students the holiday is generally 2 weeks longer.

International Students

The university attracts international students to come and study medicine or dentistry, from all over the world and almost every country in Europe. International students are offered a world-renowned masters degree in M.D. or D.M.D  that is accepted worldwide. Students will graduate as fully licensed doctors or dentists with an EU degree and can work anywhere in the European Union.

Living Costs – full break down

Medlink Students will guarantee you entry into the first year with no agency fee.

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