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How to Organise an Elective in the UK as an Overseas Trained Student

Medical electives are short-term placements that every student is recommended to undergo. They consist of shadowing doctors or even assisting in real healthcare situations as well as learning practical skills like administering injections and medical sewing. This period usually occurs during the final 3 years of the medical degree. We do recommend that students try […]

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Studying Medicine In Bucharest – Podcast Review

This is a podcast from one of our many successful students – Hania! You can listen to the audio version here or read the transcript below. [Osman]: Hi Hania. Thanks for joining us today, this is Osman from Medlink Students. Thank you for giving us the time to answer the questions that a lot of […]

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Apply To University Through Medlink Students

There are a lot of cases when people try to apply directly to a medical university instead of contacting Medlink Students to sort everything surrounding their application. Of course, there is no problem with applying directly, however, in most cases a huge problem emerges. It’s not rare that we see people that have tried to […]

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Why Are UK Students Flocking to Study Medicine in Europe?

More and more students nowadays choose to do their Medical or Dental degree in Europe. We all know how keen on immigrating the British are but it’s the devastating requirements that force them to take matters into their own hands. Nevertheless, European education has always had a substantial reputation and it’s constantly implementing new technologies […]

Medlink Featured MedlinkStudents!

Pulsetoday is the leading magazine and website concerning the UK’s GP’s. It is well respected among the medical community and it has been so ever since its creation back in 1960. As a firsthand representative of a huge community of British medical and dental students throughout Europe, we were asked to give our opinion of […]

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Congratulations to our students!

Watch out for the two UK celebrities who decided to pursue their dream of studying medicine in Europe! Our first celebrity on the scene is Nikhita Rathod who is currently having the time of her life in Bulgaria. Nikhita was commended for being a high achiever in high school and so got her own spot […]

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The University of Huddersfield featured us!

Medlink Students was invited talk about the opportunities available for graduates regarding studying medicine abroad. Studying medicine in Europe may seem daunting but with all the support and services offered by Medlink Students we guarantee that you’ll have a smooth transition. Our representatives talked about the process of applying abroad and how to overcome the […]

Prospects featured Featured us!

The UK’s largest graduate-careers portal with over two million users per month interviewed one of our representatives about his choice to study abroad. In the article, the student goes on to describe why he chose to study dental medicine in Bulgaria and the advantages of studying abroad. The article also discussed funding, course-structure, and available […]

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British Council Certified Agency

Medlink Students has been certified by the British Council. The British Council is the official British organisation to promote international relations in the UK, including training agents in providing quality educational consultation. Medlink Students is certified to provide consultation and advise to students with the application process, visas, travel, accomodation and many other services. Medlink […]