Living costs Europe

Break down of the living costs of students studying medicine in Europe

In general, our students who study medicine abroad will spend €3000- €5000 per year on living expenses.

Living costs in European cities are very affordable, but the monthly amount can vary depending on the lifestyle of each international student. Nevertheless, with €300-€500 per month, an international student can live very comfortably and enjoy affordable university education anywhere in Europe. Below are the approximate student living costs of living in a European City (Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Hungary, Czech, Slovakia or Ukraine):

• Private apartment: €200/month. Medlink Students’ affiliation with some European letting agencies can help you get cheaper accommodation in your chosen city,

• Bills: €40/month

• Food:  €100/month (A BIG MAC meal in McDonald’s is £2)

• Clothes: you must take into account that you need to bring your winter and summer clothes. 

• Medical insurance: FREE (with help from Medlink Students)

• Entertainment: €80/month

• Transport: less than €2 per taxi ride. Train journeys between cities are as cheap as €3, based on the average 4-hour train journey within Europe. 

• Flights – Can be very cheap (€35 each way booked in advance) You will be provided with timetables at the start of each year, so you know when your holidays will be. Students who travel to study medicine in Europe will receive a discount from Turkish Airlines, click here for more info.

Accessing money – Students normally transfer money to their European account or just use their bank cards, from back home, at any ATM for free.

Please note some cities will have some differences in prices compared to others. The prices above are to give you a general estimate. Click here for a list of European countries in which you can study for a medical degree.