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apps for students studying medicine abroad

6 Essential Apps for Students Who Move Abroad

Moving abroad comes with its difficulties. You must be aware of the technology available for students to ensure you have a smoother transition.  There are apps and online tools available to make your transition abroad easier. Here are our top apps for students who go abroad to study medicine. Evernote long gone are the days […]

Studying habits

4 Tips On Developing Stronger Studying Habits

Ok, so you’ve probably heard that it takes 21 days to develop a habit. While it’s true that you need to do something consistently over a certain amount of days in order for it to become a habit there really are no magical numbers. According to research, it takes no less than 2 months before […]

sports that Boost productivity

How Sports Can Boost Studying Productivity.

Most probably throughout your whole life you’ve been told to do sports, that it’s super healthy and rewarding. Well, guess what, it really is! In this article we will review the benefits it has for your brain’s activity and studying in particular. Feeling burnt out? Overwhelmed by the amount of information you’re supposed to cram? […]

Anatomy: Kenhub for medical students abroad

Anatomy: Kenhub for medical students abroad

Anatomy. I know exactly what you’re thinking, what a nightmare this subject is! I totally agree. Learning anatomy is like learning a new language, and sometimes even harder than that! When I started studying Anatomy in my first year of studying Dental Medicine at the Medical University of Varna in Bulgaria, I was terrified and […]

young dentist

Young Dentist Magazine Featured us!

We were asked to write an article for one of the most circulated magazines for Young Dentists with over 20,000 subscribers, regarding the influx of students flocking to Europe to study Medicine and Dental Medicine. Grab a copy of the Spring 2018 edition and enjoy our exclusive article. The very thorough piece talked about the […]

Control of Gene Expression in Yeast: Heat Shock Promoters: Report.

Control of Gene Expression in Yeast: Heat Shock Promoters: Report.

Transcriptional Regulation Due to Environmental Stresses Eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells react to environmental stimuli by activating the expression of certain genes, which encode protein, enzymes that will help the cell endure the environmental change. Examples of environmental stimuli include Heat shock factor, which expresses genes for survival at high temperatures, hypoxia inducible factor, which expresses […]

Investigation of threonine dehydratase feedback control using enzyme mutants

Investigation of threonine dehydratase feedback control using enzyme mutants

Abstract: Negative feedback inhibition is a process where the end product in a biochemical pathway binds with the allosteric site of the first allosteric enzyme in the pathway,the the enzyme then undergoes a conformational change causing it to become inactive (Storey, 2005). This ensures that whilst the end product is available in the surroundings, it […]

Diving reflex

The mammalian diving reflex: Physiology Practical Report

If you found this helpful then like our facebook page. The mammalian diving reflex is a mechanism where respiration is optimised to permit a mammal to remain underwater for as long as possible. It is hypothesised that it’s ordained by cold water touching the face, apnea, and the position of the body relative to a […]