Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements for Studying Medicine in Europe

There are countless medical universities whom we work within Europe. Each university has its own requirements. Don’t be disheartened if you don’t meet any requirements, because we are bound to find you a university that you can study medicine abroad at.

High school certificate

You must have been through High School and have the certificates to prove it. For example a qualification in GCSEs, A-levels, Baccalaureate or whatever your country’s High School system mandates.

You must have a passport

This is used to identify you. If you don’t have one we advise you to apply for one as soon as possible.

For graduate entry only

You must have a degree that is at least somewhat related to health, plus a transcript of your modules to qualify for the graduate entry medicine course. Send us your degree to find out which year of medicine you can start from.

Remember we have never turned down a student, We have always found a medical university or dental university in Europe for every applicant who has applied. Apply now and find out where you could be studying!