Dnipro Medical Institute

Dnipro Medical Institute of Traditional and Non-Traditional Medicine

Country: Dnipro, Ukraine Tuition Fees: ~€4500 Living Costs: €300
Courses: Medicine, Dentistry Entrance exam: No Graduate Entry: Yes
Dnipro Medical Institute
study medicine in Dnipro institute

✓ Study Medicine (MD): 6 years;

Electives can be arranged in the UK

✓ Study Dentistry (DMD): 5 years;

✓ Tuition fees: your first year ~£4300 (USD 5500), Thereafter ~£3000 (USD 4000)/year;

✓ Graduate entry tuition fees differ;

✓ No entrance exam;

✓ Recognised by World Directory of Medical Schools since 1993.


Dnipro Medical Institute is listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools. Degrees from this university allow you to apply for registration in the United Kingdom (GMC accepted), Australia (AMC accepted), Europe, USA, plus many other countries.

Dnipro Medical Institute of conventional and alternative medicine was the establishment in 1993, by the former dean of Dnipro State University. The dean had a vision to transform the State University into a top medical school in Europe known for its excellent education and internationally renowned doctors, but bureaucracy and politicians were holding him back. The dean had a bigger vision than the short-sighted politicians, who were more interested in making as much money, as fast as possible. The dean and a few fellow doctors gathered the courage to form a union and begin their own private university just next door to the State University. Hence, Dnipro Medical Institute was founded in 1993. The dean along with other heads of Departments in the State University worked tirelessly and altruistically to achieve their vision. They sacrificed lots of their time, money and efforts to reach the world-class standard that the university has now become.

Since Dnipro State University and Dnipro Medical Institute are in the same building, they cooperate and work closely together. The majority of professors work in conjunction with both the universities, meaning the same teachers teach at both universities. The students of both universities are taught together at the same state Hospitals and laboratories.

The university offers its main and internationally renowned Medicine course in English. Should you choose this university then we will register you on the medical course in English, and you’ll study in small groups with other international students.

Lots of curricular activities have been put in place to attract international students to study medicine in Ukraine. There are numerous research opportunities available in the medical field with subsequent participation in research conferences, lots of extracurricular clubs and sports activities. The Foreign Languages Department is highly trained to teach students Ukrainian and help you integrate and enjoy your experience in Ukraine. Lecturers use the latest and most up to date technology in Ukraine in their training. Workshops and seminars are conducted with the participation of leading specialists from Ukraine and abroad. Students who excel during their initial semesters may have the opportunity to participate in awards and grants offered by the university.

Medlink Students is the exclusive UK representative for Dnipro Medical Institute. Please beware of any other agents/companies giving you any false promises. Medlink Students is the only agency in Europe that can get you an official acceptance from the university.

Dnipro Medical Institute’s Subordination in Ukraine: Ministry Of Education & Sciences.

Studying medicine in Dnipro, Ukraine, has become increasingly popular over the past several years due to the quality medical courses in English, low fees and significant presence of European students. Ukraine is a non-EU country. Students who graduate after 2023 have to sit the UKMLA test after graduation.

With a large international community and a long history of training and influence over the future doctors and physicians of the world, Dnipro Medical Institute is the place to go if you’re thinking about Ukraine!

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Click now to see the university’s recognition since 1993 on the World Directory of Medical School: https://search.wdoms.org/home/SchoolDetail/F0002350

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