We're teaming up with Medlink Conferences in UK

pssst... We have a secret to share with you.

Medlink Conferences™ and Medlink Students are two separate organisations in the UK. Medlink Students helps students study medicine abroad, whereas Medlink Conferences holds events to help you pursue medicine in the UK. We’re now teaming up to provide YOU with the best possible opportunities on pursuing medicine as a career in the UK and ABROAD!

Nothing matters more to us than seeing more students being able to achieve their dream of studying medicine, whether at home or abroad. Medlink Students and the team at Medlink Conferences UK will be collaborating together to provide you with the best, biggest and most informative FREE conference soon! We’ll have limited seats, so hurry and sign up now! Once we’ve set a date, we’ll email you.

Fill in your details and we will get back to you as soon as possible.