Medical University of Bialystok

Medical University of Bialystok in Poland

Country: PolandTuition Fees: ~€10,000Living Costs: €400
Courses: MedicineEntrance exam: Skype InterviewGraduate Entry: No

Study medicine in English in Poland

Ranked #1 based on equipment, variety and availability of materials, the level of practical skills, average results from recent examinations, organizational and administrative support from the university or class schedule [1]

The 6-year medical training programs in English started more than a decade ago. In the successive years, the Faculty saw progressive development of its research and teaching units, teachers and the emergence of new departments and clinics.

The teaching, research as well as diagnostic and treatment processes in Bialystok Medical University are provided by 69 organizational units such as 26 departments, 40 clinics, 2 study centers, and 2 independent laboratories, in the English division.

Application deadline: early August

Language: English

Start date: 2 October

Credits (ECTS): 360

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Admission :

  • High school grades along with other certificates (SAT exam or any other university courses). Two of the following subjects are assessed: Chemistry (obligatory) and Biology, Maths or Physics. What’s more, one of the subjects has to be taught at least semesters during high school.
  • An interview is required to certify English proficiency as well as the motivation for becoming involved with the medical profession.

Bialystok Medical University Tuition

1st year is €10,000

2nd to 6th year is €11,000/year


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Bialystok University
Bialystok University
Bialystok University
Bialystok University