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About the Medical University of Bialystok in Poland

Country: Poland Tuition Fees: ~€11,000 Living Costs: €400
Courses: Medicine Entrance exam: Skype Interview Graduate Entry: No

If you want to study medicine in English in Europe, the Medical University of Bialystok is an excellent opportunity to start your career as a doctor. It is situated in northeastern Poland, in the city of Bialystok. The address is Jana Kilinskiego street, 1, postcode: 15-089.

The university was ranked #1 based on equipment, variety and availability of materials, the level of practical skills, average results from recent examinations, organisational and administrative support from the university or class schedule (source). More than 13,000 graduates have obtained a degree from the Medical University in Bialystok.

The 6-year medical training programs in English started more than 10 years ago. As years passed, the Faculty saw progressive development of its research and teaching units, teachers and the emergence of new departments and clinics. Dentistry and Pharmacy take 5 years to complete. 4-year MD programmes in English are not available. However, Medlink Students can arrange for medical school transfer opportunities in Poland.

The teaching, research as well as diagnostic and treatment processes in Bialystok Medical University are provided by 69 organisational units such as 26 departments, 40 clinics, 2 study centres, and 2 independent laboratories, in the English division.

Medical University of Bialystok Tuition Fees

Here the Faculty of Medicine is divided into dentistry and medicine, so you have the 2 most sought-after options to pick from. The current tuition fees for studying medical programs in English are 11000 euros per year(for the first year) and 10000 per year for year two to six.

If the university decides to make changes to these fees, they will notify all students 6 months before the start of the academic year. Also, there’s a student ID fee which amounts to about €5

Accommodation at the Medical University of Bialystok.

We have some excellent news for you! There are 2 dormitories provided for non-Bialystok residents. For international students, there are high quality, furnished rooms in Dormitory N.2, located at Waszyngtona 23 str., 15-304 Bialystok. Basic Sciences Departments and Clinical Departments are within around 10 minutes walking distance from where you will live.

Telephone and high-speed internet are available upon request for a monthly fee. All floors also have a spacious common area, kitchen, and laundry facilities for your everyday needs.

In the vicinity of the dormitory, you can find a beautiful park, as well as entertainment such as athletic facilities, shopping centres, clubs, etc.

Here’s the breakdown of rooms and prices:

  • Independent individual room – around €200/month
  • Single room in a suite – around €160/ month
  • Apartment 40 sq.m – €280/month

Medical University of Bialystok Admission & Entry Requirements

In terms of admission, the university uses a ranking system based on the points earned from the following criteria:

  • High school grades, along with other certificates (SAT exam or any other university courses). Two of the following subjects are assessed: Chemistry (obligatory) and Biology, Maths or Physics. What’s more, one of the subjects has to be taught at least semesters during high school. (Up to 100 points)
  • An interview is required to certify English proficiency as well as the motivation for becoming involved with the medical profession. (Up to 100 points)

In the event where the maximum number of seats has not been reached, an extended recruitment phase will be established, where candidates with lower points may be accepted.

If you are wondering what the Bialystok Medical University entrance exam is, that’s it: high school performance evaluation and an interview. The application deadline is somewhere around early August.

Bialystok Medical University Term Dates

Although the official academic calendar for 2020/2021 is not yet posted on the university’s website, we will give you an example, or an estimation based on previous years. The winter semester usually starts at the beginning of October and ends at the beginning of February (15 weeks of didactic period), just before the winter examination session. The summer semester is from late February (15 weeks of didactic period) with summer examination session between June and September.

Bialystok Medical University Curriculum & Syllabus

Currently, the curriculum and syllabus on the university’s website are outdated. We are still waiting for updates, however, if you want to get an idea of what you are about to study, here are some quick links for you (links open in a new window)

Bialystok Medical University Accreditation

The university is Listed with the World Health Organization. You will get an international degree in medicine when you complete your studies successfully.

The Medical University of Bialystok is recognised by the GMC. To be accepted, the GMC’s requirements are: you will need to have graduated successfully in a course which contained at least 5,500 hours and lasted at least three years.

The university meets the criteria of acceptance into the GMC.

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