Vasile Goldis Western University

Vasile Goldis Western University of Arad, Romania

Country: Arad, RomaniaTuition Fees: €5000Living Costs: €300
Courses: MedicineEntrance exam: YesGraduate Entry: No

Named after the prominent Romanian politician Vasile Goldis the university was founded in 1990 and had only two faculties at the time. Now the university is home to six faculties including Medicine and Dentistry with around 6000 students. Located in Arad, Romania; it is situated in an industrial centre with a transportation hub on the Mures River. The population is around 160,000 and is the 12th largest city in Romania. It is one of the most prolific cities in Romania with a booming economy, an extensive tram network, Arad International Airport and the largest cargo terminal in western Romania. Due to significant economic development during the 1800s Arad is becoming the fastest growing and most prosperous cities in Romania.

Being one of the more modern universities one can expect a large state of the art school with the curriculum to match. The course is 6 years and taught in English. The first three years consisting of a theory of fundamental knowledge and pre-clinical studies. The latter three years are more clinical in nature with hospital experience and surgical courses offered.

The degree is presented as a Master’s Degree with the title of Physician (MD), once the course finishes and the final exam finished, and is universally recognised worldwide. This enables graduates to practice in any EU state country and outside of the EU, and of course post-Brexit; the U.K.

Application Deadline: July 27th (do not leave it till the last minute to apply)

Tuition Fees: €5000 per year

Living Costs: €601 per month

Agency Fees: See services page

Requirements for entry into the first year:

•    Pass in Biology & Chemistry during the final three years of High School. (UK students must have Passed Biology & Chemistry at A-Level).

•    Pass the competitive entry test (we will help you do so).

Applications must be submitted as early as possible, especially for non-EU applicants so the visa is gained before September.